Frequently asked questions

As a boutique breeder we strive to breed and raise quality puppies over quantity. 
Our gorgeous English Cocker Spaniel breeding line has been carefully handpicked from some of the best Grand Champion bloodlines imported from both the USA & UK and across Australia, so that we have quality lines to ensure we are breeding the best of the best striving for healthy, happy puppies that have well rounded beautiful in look, nature and temperament.

All of our pups are raised in the family environment following responsible and ethical breeding policies. 

They are brought up and raised in a clean and extremely loving home with our children, cats and other dogs therefore they are very well socialised complete with an Early Neurological Stimulation programme and socialisation.

All of our adult dogs have been tested via Orivet and certified as “Clear” this is to ensure that all of our litters are also ‘Clear By Parentage’ and that our pups will never be carriers or affected by any of the hereditary diseases that are associated and common to Cocker Spaniels.

Socialising a puppy means that you expose the puppies to different sounds, textures, smells and environments to ensure the puppies become adaptable to different environments throughout their lives. 

We believe that socialising our pups play a very important part in their development, confidence, health and character from birth right into adulthood. 

Our pups spend their days in their purposefully built puppy area in our lounge room with obstacles and toys to help promote muscle development.

Yes, they are easy to train and super eager to learn.

Cockers love their food therefore very easy to train if you have a tasty treats.

The Australian National Canine Council (ANKC). It is the only internationally recognised registry able to issue certified pedigrees for purebred dogs. All ANKC breeders must abide the Code of Ethics outlined on the ANKC website.

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